L*Space’s Epic Byrdie Bandeau!


L*Space went big in 2014 with the Brydie Bandeau. Hate tan-lines? Well, the Brydie Bandeau is just for you. From the front: you’ll love the way this banded top shows off the nautical stripe with no frills, and no straps. From the back: a lace up lover delight as a multitude of twisted rope straps criss-cross their way across the back for just the right fit.

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Just In – Summer Saha Swimwear!


We just received some more Saha bikinis, for all of our Saha lovers! Saha can be described as “an eastern expression which exalts beauty” and is based on life styles and concepts such as nature, yoga, meditation, healthy, and romanticism. These bikini’s target a natural woman with real needs who is searching for comfort and balance in details and design.

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Easter Deals!

Look Your Best This Holiday.

easter sale

Take advantage this week to look your best this holiday weekend.  Enjoy an extra 25% off all women’s dresses and skirts, as well as 25% off all men’s button down wovens.  The additional discount will be taken in the cart at checkout.  Deals are available in-store and online till 4/20/14. Continue reading

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It’s About Time for a NEW Tee!

Fresh Inventory of Tees for Spring/Summer! 

rvca graphic tee

The staple of all guys’ wardrobes is the ubiquitous Tee-Shirt. Worn in casual environments everywhere, the modern Tee is the perfect blend of comfort and fashion. It’s a slap in the face to formality, conformity, and convention while making a statement of self confidence. Check out a sample of our huge selection of Tees for guys below!

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NEW L*Space L*Play Activewear!


Take your workout to the beach with the L*Space L*Play! Known as the trend-setters of the bikini world, L*Space has added new items to their collection for the active beach-goers. Check out the newest additions to the L*Play collection from L*Space!

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L*Space Swimwear’s NEW L*Novelties


The highly anticipated L*Space bikini that was shared throughout the Pinterest universe is now available! The new styles of L*Space L*Novelties have already proven to be a hit this season.

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Buyer’s Pick: Fashion Sandals

The Roxy Sparrow Sandal in Chocolate.

Spring is here, meaning its now acceptable to pull out our sandals and throw them on! If you’re like me, you probably feel like your sandals seem old now compared to the latest fashion trends. Take a look at what surf brands nailed fashion sandals this spring!

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The Arbor Collective // New Spring/Summer

Inspired by Arbor’s sunny hometown of Venice, California


Drawing inspiration from their hometown of Venice, California, Arbor‘s new men’s Spring and Summer collection is brightly colored with warm sun-fades and all-over prints.  The eclectic nature of Venice, California is embodied in this new season’s collection. Continue reading

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Don’t Be an Outkast At Coachella 2014

Men’s Style for this Summer’s Music Festivals


The sun is starting to shine as young and old concert goers from around the country start flocking to their favorite music festivals. Plans for next years events start the second the current year’s event is done. Most people are stoked to improve on their latest experience. Improvements include staying at a better/cheaper place, remembering to eat food and to drink water while day-raging, or remembering to bring a cell phone charger . Others look at it as a years worth of time to pick out sicker, more comfortable attire than the previous year. Because like the line up at Coachella, fashion is always changing. We want to help you stay up on 2014′s Spring and Summer styles for men.

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Add Some Spring To Your Step!

25% Off All Shoes and Sandals


Be sure to take full advantage of our Spring footwear sale starting today 4/2/14.  Don’t wait too long to jump on your favorite pair of shoes or sandals because this sale is going on for a limited time only.  The 25% discount will be taken at checkout and does work with sale merchandise as well.  The sale is available online and in-store. Continue reading

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