Surfers Ride Foamy Froth in New Zealand

Flooding Fills Coastline With Thick Foam

Three surfers in Karitane, New Zealand got some foamy surf on Thursday, September 13th.

Surfers and spectators in New Zealand witnessed a rare sight on Thursday as recent flooding sent a 330ft long layer of foam into the lineup. Three surfers braved the dirty seas to surf the well overhead swell pounding the coastline.

‘We had had a lot of flooding and so flood water had been coming out into the sea. It was all getting mixed up with the sea water and there were also logs floating out through the waves,’ said a local watching the waves.

The foam is most likely caused by run-off from agriculture and over-flow from sewage treatment plants. Either way, it’s gross for sure. Strange looking photos though!

Headed back outside for another?


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2 Responses to Surfers Ride Foamy Froth in New Zealand

  1. nalu says:

    this foam is most likely a diatomea (microalgae) bloom…the rain must have drained water with a high nutrient load which favored this microalgae multiplication (bloom). Because this algae has gases on the inside it promotes the foam. I.e. the foam is a lot of diatomeas all toghether… ;)

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