Harbor life in Santa Barbara

What could be better than a day on the water in scenic Santa Barbara? As a surf instructor, drone operator and water photographer for @skylabphoto, Ryan Nufer needs to be close to the ocean. With rent prices soaring in Santa Barbara County and increasingly congested roadways around town the choice to ditch land for his sea legs was an easy one. 

When the right vessel became available Ryan jumped on the opportunity, securing himself a floating home and slip merely a few paces (or just a short paddle) away from his favorite winter time surf break at the mouth of the harbor. 

Living aboard in the Santa Barbara Harbor

Bringing some of the creature comforts of land aboard, house plants and a waterproof couch on the deck provide an area to enjoy the sea breeze and relax after a long day in the sun and saltwater. 

Creature comforts on a house boat

A cozy but comfortable interior, sealed and safe from the elements. Living on board with a definitive "wood and brass" style.  

In the Captain's chair

While everyone scrambles for a parking spot Ryan is first in the water at Sandspit with an assortment of surf craft and his disposal. Snap a leash? No big deal when you can paddle from the lineup to your front door for a replacement! Easy access to watercraft and beach toys

 No need for a smart phone to check surf conditions! Just a good book and patience for swell.  Marine layer in Santa Barbara

All photos by Chris Garcia @splintercat 



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