Kilian Garland x Jeff Chavolla: Clipped

Kilian Garland has been making waves on the American professional surfing circuit this year. Kilian is at the top of the ratings for the American leg of the Qualifying Series after taking a quarter final at the Vans Pro East Coast Surfing Championships and then winning the WRV Outer Banks Pro. If you’ve been watching closely Kilian’s ascension to rank 109 overall in the world comes as no surprise, his silky style honed at California’s finest point breaks is bound to turn heads whenever he hits the line up. Earlier this year Kilian teamed up with Jeff Chavolla, a Santa Barbara based action sports enthusiast with a keen eye behind the lens and knack for smooth edits. We think Jeff’s style compliments Kilian’s surfing perfectly. Paired with down the line hype from an El Nino winter the second episode of “Clipped” featuring Kilian Garland is an instant classic!



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