Kilian WRV Outer Banks Pro

Kilian Garland struck off for his annual East Coast surf contest circuit last month and was greeted with a pleasant surprise; fun waves to surf in Virginia Beach! 

Kilian Garland Outer Banks NC

The summertime surf contest circuit back east can be a grind, often lacking contestable waves or conditions. However this year has been a treat, with better than expected surf at the East Coast Surfing Championship/Vans Pro which led to a quarterfinal finish for Kilian in the World Surf League Qualifying Series 3000 event.

Kilian Garland Vans Pro East Coast

Riding the momentum from a keeper finish at the East Coast Surfing Championship, Kilian set off down the coast and was again greeted with surprisingly fun surf at the QS 1000 level WRV Outer Banks Pro. Day one of competition kicked off in contestable waves and clean conditions, certainly better surf than we’ve seen on the West Coast over the past week…

Outer Banks North Carolina

Day two finished in stormier weather but that didn’t put a damper on the fact that when the dust had settled Kilian had won every heat he surfed on his road to victory! In the final Kilian left his competitor combo’d needing two excellent scores to match Kilian’s waves.

A decisive win to say the least! We couldn’t be more proud of the much deserved victory and look forward to what the rest of the 2016 World Surf League qualifying series has in store for Kilian Garland.



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